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Max Kozin

Maksym Kozin

Synonymous with friendly and professional service! Max keeps it simple  but goes out of his way to provide you with a real estate service that builds his business on a basis of ‘clients for life’.

Max readily draws on his creative skills and ability to think outside the box and his clients remember him for this.

During the selling and buying process Max likes to be fully involved ensuring reliable and prompt communication,  and meeting your every need.

Added value for many clients is Max’s bi-lingual capability. Fluent in both Russian and English, the Russian community in particular appreciate being able to transact with a consultant who speaks their language.

A smart and enthusiastic young man, Max has sensibly surrounded himself with high achieving colleagues and an award winning office. The network of training and support enables Max to work with you confidently, knowing that he has the full raft of resources and experience at his disposal.

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