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Fang Wang

Xfang Wang

Selling or buying real estate is one of the most important decisions you will make in life. So it is really important to use a sales consultant who will listen to what your real estate needs are and work in partnership with you to get the very best result.


Xfang has worked previously in architectural design and management in top international architectural companies in China, and 4 years in earthquake “repairing field” in Christchurch. This has given Xfang a real appreciation of the problems Cantabrians have faced with their repairs.


Xfang's previous working testimonials express how they appreciated her honesty, reliable performance and exceptional outcomes she delivered. Xfang’s can-do attitude and her excellent communication skills in all her roles have endeared her to those that she has worked with.


Languages bridge the communication with people from different backgrounds, but there is something more about people behind languages that connects people who are from different cultures. Xfang is fluent in Mandarin and English and knows moving to Christchurch several years ago was the best move she has ever made.


Xfang’s philosophy in life is “a promise made, is a promise kept”. So when looking for a sales consultant that has integrity and commitment, give Xfang a call, she won’t disappoint.












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