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The Urban Projects division, h
as been set up to specialise in supporting developers and property investment companies through the sometimes lengthy and complicated process of purchasing and utilizing property. In such a process everything needs to be right… right from the start.

Throughout Australasia property trends are constantly changing and evolving. Nowadays you cannot simply throw money at the real estate market and hope for the best when making the big steps in property development. In order to ensure the level of security required in making such moves, developers are becoming more aware of the importance in creating an overall planning and marketing package.

The Urban Projects division has been established for this very reason. For site acquisition, feasibility analysis and planning, right through to legal and financial support and marketing and sales programmes, there is a complete framework in place to address each and every project’s need.

The division has a unique, three-fold capability for developers. First, there’s a substantial database of active property investors. This database is a valuable, comprehensive resource, one that is growing by the day. Second, they have carefully cultivated relationships through a wide range of business partnerships. From engineers to lawyers, designers to investors, the Urban Projects division only source the best of suppliers, the most trusted names in their attendant industries. Third, they position the people at the coalface, those consultants with the skill and experience to offer the relevant, valuable advice from the start.

These abilities are backed by the systems, technology and networking of a real estate powerhouse. Harcourts can effectively market property through 800 offices in their global network. This market access can be capitalized with the advanced, coordinated marketing to target and engage potential buyers.

To make the most of any development, the planning, building and selling process cannot be arbitrarily organized. To optimize your investment, to ensure your time and money is well spent, Grenadier Urban Projects provide the comprehensive service with which to make the right moves.